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Internet Marketing with Adwords and SEO

Effectively using Organic SEO with Google Adwords

The Pay Per Click (PPC) model and Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are often mistaken as being opposite ends of the spectrum. However, the two models of Internet marketing are valuable in any online management strategy. Most campaigns tend to focus more on Google Adwords, using the PPC model, and the SEO part is given a miss, or vice versa. However, a careful blend of Google Adwords and Organic SEO can yield long term, cost effective and sustainable results for your marketing campaign.

All About Adwords
There is little doubt that Google Adwords helps you reach out to your target audience in a timely manner. Moreover, the results can be quantified and measured. Most Internet marketing campaigns tend to bank upon this aspect of the PPC model, since the focus is on immediate results. With Adwords offering the choice of restricting IPs, selecting and limiting the target audience based on region, age group, preferred language and several other parameters, this model is highly attractive and is on the priority list for most campaigns. It is similar to paid advertising on select websites that command traffic from your target audience.

However, research shows that users tend to trust search engine results more than Adwords or PPC results. One research quantifies the number of users trusting Adwords to only 30% compared to 70% going with the website results pages. The reason for this is that Adwords placed on the right side of the page have less visibility. In addition, users do not trust Adwords, since they are paid advertisements.

The Cost Effective Model of Organic SEO
Organic SEO has its own advantages and disadvantages in online management. It can play an impressive role in driving long term results, while at the same time being less useful if your campaign is immediate. For instance, you cannot spread the word about an exhibition due in a month through organic SEO. The use of social networking websites can, of course, yield magnificent results in such cases.

But if you are looking for long term visibility, then a targeted SEO strategy is a great idea. Specialist SEO professionals can find the right keywords for your campaign and the right content will definitely help your website achieve desired page rankings. The only issue is that it requires concentrated effort and some patience. But once the page rankings are achieved and your website features in the top search results, you are sure to benefit in terms of traffic. However, the changing algorithms of search engines mean that you have to maintain and update the website to avoid any loss in page rankings.

Achieving the Right Mix
An online management strategy in which Google Adwords and Organic SEO are not mutually exclusive will hav eboth short and long term effectiveness. Carving a strategy beautifully combing both models will benefit your internet marketing campaign and increase visibility. You can derive the ratio in which you want to use each model by evaluating your campaign on parameters like duration, cost or budget, target audience, and required penetration or visibility.

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